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Scripture to Overcome Codependency and Trust God

As you pray, write, or seek verses like these; imagine what your life would look like if you actually lived this way from your heart. Here are 11 areas where scripture provides freedom from codependent tendencies and invites you to trust God instead.

6 Powerful Rewards of Waiting with God

Waiting can be a long and painful fact of life, and nobody gets a lifetime pass to the front of the line.But God wants to do something unique in my heart and in yours, and the process gives him fertile ground to do important work in our hearts, our relationships, and our very lives while we wait for the time to come.

10 Biblical Ways to Make Disagreements More Agreeable

Believers are called to live in peace with one another, whatever it takes to achieve it. Often seeing things through someone else’s view gives us a new perspective. Here are 10 Biblical ways to make your disagreements more agreeable.

Is Cursing Really That Big of a Sin?

We all will justify our words when it comes to cursing. However, what seems like inconsequential words are actually sins, creating gateways for further, more dangerous sins to be committed.

Is Good Always Right? 4 Ways to Know What Media to Avoid

Spotify. YouTube. Netflix. Instagram. We're saturated in images, sounds, stories, and ideas that have incredible power to influence our thought-process, emotions, and even worldview. But what are we exposing ourselves to? And how do we avoid the negative effect of rampant media consumption on our lives?

3 Powerful Biblical Weapons to Banish Your Worry and Fear

Worry and fear doubt God’s promises, question His power, disregard His presence, and divert our hearts from His praise. John Wesley said, “I would no more worry than I would curse or swear.” How, then, do we lock up the criminals of fear and worry? Use these three God-given weapons.


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