7 Things to Do If Your Teen Hates Church

As parents, we’re eager for our children to experience the priceless gift of church for themselves. We feel grief and frustration when our teens resist attending services as a family. Here are seven ways to help teens break down their barriers to the church.

8 Verses to Help Keep Your Teen out of the Comparison Trap

As a parent, it can be hard to know what to say to counter some of those messages that your teenager gets from the world, especially when Scripture doesn’t directly deal with selfies or Instagram or texting. How do you apply ancient words to modern times?

8 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Mama

Would your child describe you as a 'Drama Mama'? Drama happens when unexpected circumstances hit and we are unprepared to handle them. You and I can learn how to maturely respond – rather than emotionally react – to what life brings so that we can dial down the drama, diffuse it, or eliminate it altogether.

How To Exercise Faith When Allowing Independence

As a mom, it’s exhilarating to see my children soaring into the future God has planned for each of them. Yet for them to rise up and claim their independence, I have to let out the “string” so they can fly. It takes faith to relax my grip and allow them to go where God takes them.

Is Technology Helping or Hurting My Child?

Articles abound listing the harmful effects of technology for our children. Still others, often written by educators, expound on its benefits. Perhaps the question is less about how damaging this rapidly growing tool is or isn’t and more about how we, as parents, guardians, and educators can harness this ever-expanding tool for the good.

3 Ways to Ignite Your Teen's Passion for God

If you’re investing in the lives of young people, you’ve probably experienced the paralysis of apathy. It’s difficult to teach the truth about God and Christianity to young people when they aren’t really listening. Here are three things I learned that helped me ignite a passion in my students and kids.

How to Teach Boys to Respect Women

Every Christian teaches the next generation of men, since all of us are responsible for building up the body of Christ. So what’s most important in rearing boys to respect women?

A Comforting Prayer for the New Graduate

It’s graduation time! You’ve done it! You’ve survived high school, or your first college degree, or maybe even your second. May the following prayer help guide your own conversations with the Lord as you embark on this new chapter of your life.

4 Relevant Ways the Book of Daniel Equips Teens

Teens face fiery trials every day: bullying, pressures to perform well, attain scholarships, endure stress...the list goes on. However God chooses His deliverance, teens can learn from Daniel and his friends how to enter the furnace by faith.

12 Things to Pray for the Teens in Your Life

Being a teenager is hard. Being a Christian teenager is harder.

We are walking through turbulent years, carrying pressing burdens, feelings, temptations, desires and fears. As teenagers, we wrestle with living through growing pains—as Christ-followers, with living out our faith.

We need your help.


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