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"And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food" ~ Genesis 2:9

     Founded in 1987, Jene's Tropical's specializes in Citrus and Tropical fruit trees, along with a wide array of products to suit any of your gardening needs. As a family owned business, we offer a special shopping experience and knowledge that goes back over four decades. We can help you transform your mundane property into a personal paradise through expert advice as well as professional landscaping and installation. Whether you're looking for Bonsai or Banana Trees or Palm trees, we can help you out. 

 For more information on our other offers, contact us or visit us personally on 6831 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, FL.

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About Jene Van Butsel

If you have never tried Soursop or Tamarind fruit, Jene's Tropicals can help you out! We are fantastic at providing you with all of your tropical needs! As a matter of fact, we annually hold a Fruit Tasting Event with samples of various exotic fruits from the trees we carry, so your mouth can take a trip across the globe right from the comfort of St. Pete.

      We also carry a large selection of Bonsai Trees, in case you were looking for ornamental trees and shrubs.

      We can also provide you with all the garden decoration and pots you need. From ceramic kittens, to colorfully painted pots, we carry a large selection of pottery that will definitely satisfy your needs. 


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