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Bryant Golden, Lead Pastor at Centerpoint Church, shares Unfiltered messages that will reach both the skeptic and the long-time Jesus follower. Bryant admits that Jesus followers have a reputation for being judgmental and hypocritical. But he believes that Jesus is authentically true, which means His life and story will hold up to any question and have the power to change any life. Bryant also teaches that there is freedom, forgiveness, peace, and purpose in Jesus Christ. During his weekly program, Bryant gets to the core of what Jesus actually taught and what it means for those who have followed Jesus for years and for those who are still searching.


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About Bryant Golden

Bryant is a unique and dynamic communicator with a passion to inspire people to discover purpose and live with hope. He is known for his raw honesty that tears down barriers for people from diverse backgrounds. Bryant is the founder and host of Unfiltered Radio in markets of over 2.5 million people and worldwide through podcast.

Bryant is also the Lead Pastor of Centerpoint Church in the Tampa Florida area. Centerpoint Church is known as an alternative to church as usual for all people and has reached thousands who have reconnected to faith in Jesus.


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