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This is Something to Think About 08.24.22 "Lessons from the Florida Primary"

Bill Bunkley’s “This Is Something to Think About”

Air Date Wednesday, 24, 2022

“Lessons from the Florida Primary”

Themes emerge after last night's primary vote with implications for the November General Election.

First, a disappointment.

Roe v Wade's reversal is a huge catalyst for the pro-choice left vote. A case in point is the defeat of Hillsborough Circuit Judge Jared Smith. His opponent campaigned that he was a Christian and claimed the judge asserted those values in the courtroom in an underage judicial bypass abortion case.

Nothing in the court record supported that outrageously false claim.

Any pro-life candidate running for a Florida legislative seat, or the U. S. House or Senate is a target by pro-choice women and men who want abortion rights back.

On the bright side, the nationally controversial Sarasota School Board was flipped from Woke to conservative control, a big win for Governor DeSantis.

Bill Bunkley is a 16-year veteran Salem Radio talk show host based in Tampa. The Bill Bunkley Show airs weekdays across central Florida from 3 to 6 pm. Bill is also President of the Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, which serves as the legislative consultant to the Florida Baptist State Convention (Southern Baptist Convention Churches), among other churches and entities. He has served as the legislative consultant to the Florida Baptist State Convention for the last 26 years at the state capitol in Tallahassee. By the Grace of his Lord Jesus, he is today a cancer survivor diagnosed in 2018 with AML Leukemia, having successfully undergone a bone marrow transplant that same year. His wife is Toni, son is Zac, and they attend Idlewild Baptist Church. 


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